Jestaplo Photography – Modern yet Traditional, Artistic yet Simple!

Jestaplo Photography was started by founder Vijay Bihani in the year 2014 after he left his corporate job. It took some more years to pull Jestaplo up to the level which it is today. Vijay completed a course in photography from a reputed institute in Mumbai. Slowly afterwards he started taking up assignments along with his colleagues and fellow photographer friends. This ensured that the type of work that they produced was of very high quality. Vijay has undergone training as a photojournalist and documentary photographer from renowned photographer Mr. Arko Datta and Mr. Atul Loke respectively. Hence there is a hint of underlying reportage style in the work of Jestaplo. Jestaplo is one of the very first to offer complete documentary style wedding photography coverage along with a team of professionally trained documentary photographers.

As a photographer, Vijay’s work has been exhibited on various platforms such as London photo festival and The Hunt Museum, Ireland. His viral video of high tide in Mumbai has been used in the  Oscar Shortlisted film “An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power” by environmentalist Al Gore.   His photojournalistic work has been published in BBC , News18 etc. His work has been featured online in many reputable websites such as Lonely Planet India. 

The Jestaplo came into existence with a vision to provide the best documentary and candid style photography  & Cinematography to the people with the main focus on capturing moments rather than cliches. Our mission is to become the leader in this field with an uncompromised track record of work. 

The story behind the name “Jestaplo photography”

Vijay Bihani has long back thought that whenever he starts a business he will do it with the name Jestaplo. However, the story of how he derived the term “Jestaplo” is quite a funny one. During college time Vijay had a habit of creatively naming his mobile phone(the name used for the Bluetooth). He came up with the plan to randomly write on mobile until he gets a fascinating new term. After many trial and error, he finally liked the two words “Badegi” and “Jestaplo”. Vijay still uses the name “Badegi” for his camera. And when the time came to start his photography career – the name Jestaplo was the undisputed choice for the business name.  Vijay jokes sometimes that as a creator of the word Jestaplo he can assign any meaning to it. While all liked the word Jestaplo, Sadly “Badegi” wasn’t as popular among his friends so just to remember the story he names whatever new camera he uses as “Badegi.”Jestaplo Photography

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