4 Important things to communicate with your wedding photographer

4 Important Things that help you bridge the communication gap with your Wedding Photographer. Meet your Wedding Photographer before the shoot: It is always great if you can meet your Wedding Photographer before the shoot at some cafe or even your house or photographers studio. It gives both photographer and couple to know each other and […]

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Woes of Pro Photographers in India

Photography in India – Challenges Photographer’s face? Well, this article was long due, It has to come out One day. There is an already growing voice among photography community that how photography market has changed over years and how the advent of accessible DSLR’s and Good quality mobile phone camera’s has affected us all. Well […]

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Mumbai through the eyes of our photographers | Street Photography
best street photography work from mumbai

Street photography is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a passionate photographer and happen to visit Mumbai here the streets will definitely make you want to take your camera out. Mumbai is a city which has something for everyone, Perhaps one of the reason it is so loved by many. We have […]

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How I shot the Viral High Tide Video

The story behind the viral “High Tide” Video: Hello friends, I am Vijay, owner of youtube channel Jestaplo Photography. Today I would like to share the story behind the most popular video on my channel. It’s a video of high tide wave hitting the tetrapod creating a big splash and many people enjoying the same. […]

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