Pre Wedding Shoot Cost (Charges) in India
Pre Wedding photoshoot package in Mumbai

What are Pre Wedding shoot Cost and Charges in India(major cities)? A lot of people have this exact question in mind about Pre Wedding shoot charges. We decided to make a dedicated post for the same question that many people search for on the internet. In fact, this post is valid not only for major […]

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4 Important things to communicate with your wedding photographer

4 Important Things that help you bridge the communication gap with your Wedding Photographer. Meet your Wedding Photographer before the shoot: It is always great if you can meet your Wedding Photographer before the shoot at some cafe or even your house or photographers studio. It gives both photographer and couple to know each other and […]

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How I shot the Viral High Tide Video

The story behind the viral “High Tide” Video: Hello friends, I am Vijay, owner of youtube channel Jestaplo Photography. Today I would like to share the story behind the most popular video on my channel. It’s a video of high tide wave hitting the tetrapod creating a big splash and many people enjoying the same. […]

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