4 Important Things that help you bridge the communication gap with your Wedding Photographer.

Meet your Wedding Photographer before the shoot:

It is always great if you can meet your Wedding Photographer before the shoot at some cafe or even your house or photographers studio. It gives both photographer and couple to know each other and build a rapport which eases them both at the time of the shoot. You can discuss with your Wedding Photographer anything specific you have in mind like any particular moment you don’t want to miss. There are few important things Photographer will also get an opportunity to discuss with you. At the end of the day meeting before the shoot or your wedding is a win-win for both photographer and you. The more you are comfortable with your photographer the more it will reflect in your wedding photographs.

Be on the same page:

Each Wedding Photographer has their unique style and way of making pictures. It is very important that before hiring the photographer you check his style of work and know whether or not it matches with what you had in mind. Also, you can mention to Photographer beforehand what kind of photos you are expecting out of him/her like whether you want more of candid wedding images or traditional wedding images and things like that. It is always good that you and your photographer are on the same page regarding the expectation of your wedding images.

Ask your photographer for any additional requirements:

At times there might be some problems which might affect your images, for example, there is not enough light in the bride changing room. Ask your Wedding Photographer whether he has a backup for such situations, Ask him/her whether they require any assistance from your side. This will build trust between you and the photographer. Photographers although rare, at times forget to have such backups. This will ensure that you need not worry misses out any photos because of any unforeseen disturbances.

Ask for a contract and read the terms and conditions of photographer carefully:

It is always great to have an official contract with your Photographer in written or email. Also, read their terms and conditions, You get to know many important things from their terms and conditions like what is the waiting period before you get all your edited images and things like that. You can also request the photographer to update terms and condition based on your specific requirements.

Last but not least enjoy every moment of your wedding!

Hope this helps!

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