Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing metropolis city in the suburbs of Delhi that has created a niche of its own for the corporate sector, thus the requirement of Corporate Video Makers in Gurgaon is more than ever.  As of now, Gurgaon is one of the hottest spots for corporate offices for all the major brand. All the major companies have their headquarters in Gurugram if not headquarters than at least branch office. As per Wikipediaˆ, Gurgaon has third highest per capita income for any city in India. As such Jestaplo recognizes this huge potential business that Gurgaon offers in the category of Corporate video production.


Jestaplo’s Corporate Video Works:

The Gap in Market – Quality Compromises:

Corporate Video Makers in Gurgaon

Although there is a huge potential in this segment, most of the corporate video clients end up with not so satisfying experience. The reason being a gap that exists with most of the video production companies. Many of them are not equipped technically to handle such projects. Although there are few companies that meet the client’s expectations but then the ratio of demand vs supply is very high. Surprisingly, there are very few companies compared to work that is in huge amount.

Regular Corporate Videos with not so high budget:

Many companies are looking for corporate video production companies with a mid-level budget to make videos for their companies Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter handle. As such they want high quality within a reasonable budget. That’s where the requirement of good corporate video/ filmmakers kicks in.

Jestaplo’s Corporate Video Services In Gurgaon :

We understand the gap:

Corporate Video Shoots in Gurgaon

At Jestaplo, we understand the gap that exists in the market right now. We strive to fill this gap by providing high-quality corporate video making services. We are equipped both equipment wise and technically to execute the client’s requirement.  Jestaplo is one of the leading corporate event video production company in Gurugram. We strive to offer the best corporate event video packages in Gurgaon.

Story Board Visualization for your Corporate Video :

Any Video we take up be it a 30-sec video for your companies Instagram handle or  5 min internal purpose corporate video, we first make the storyboard and share it with our team(cinematographers and editors) and the client – of course!

A Strong Experienced Team:

As it is often said “A company is as good as its team”, We are the proud team of a group of experienced Cinematographers, Photographers, and Editors. Every Video we make is discussed within our team to make it better than the previous one.

Best In-House Corporate Video Editing:

A good video cannot be made without good edit, At Jestaplo we know this that’s why we have some of the best video editors in our team to give your video that professional look.

Latest and Greatest DSLR’s and Other Accessories:

We shoot and edit all the videos with the latest and greatest equipment available in the market.

Best Corporate Video Packages In Gurgaon:

We assure you to give you the best corporate video package for high-quality video making and editing services. Work with us, Experience awesomeness!

Explainer Videos:

We make explainer videos that do not require animation. If animation is required than we outsource the animated part video.

Corporate Event Video Shoot in Gurgaon: We Shoot All Type of Corporate Videos.

Is there an Annual Corporate Event? or  Party at your company for your employees? or any Sports Event for your Employees?  No probs – we shoot all type of corporate videos.

Our Corporate Clients:


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