Destination Pre Wedding Photo Video Shoot

Destination Pre Wedding Shoots are rage today, Why they not be. While many of the people prefer local locations for their Pre Wedding Shoot, Many other people are looking for other beautiful destinations within India and also some International locations. Pre-wedding shoot gives the couple a bit of intimate time together especially given weddings in India are generally a tiresome affair for the couples. As such many of the couple wants their pre-wedding shoot to be done in beautiful and exotic locations.  Some of the people prefer International Destinations like many beautiful cities in Europe and America. Still, most of the people choose for locations within the Indian Subcontinent.

Reasons to consider Destination Pre Wedding Shoot

There are many reasons to choose for Destination Pre Wedding Shoot we have listed a few of them

  • A very good excuse for some light-hearted fun experience for the couple.
  • Destination Pre Wedding Shoot locations are generally less crowded than the local locations.
  • You get to visit some of the very beautiful and at times exotic locations in and outside your country.
  • Great to have your photographs and video at some of the best-known locations in the world.

 Destination Pre Wedding Shoot Packages – Cost and Charges

Compared to pre-wedding shoot in your local area, Destination Pre Wedding Shoot are quite expensive. But then if you are already planning for the Destination Pre-wedding shoot than you must have already sorted out the budget thing. Destinationation Pre Wedding Shooting within the various city of India starts from INR One Lakh. You can get a custom quotation for your pre-wedding shoot done by Jestaplo. Please leave your details below and we will contact you soon.

Best Location in India for Pre Wedding Shoot

Well, there are numerous wonderful locations/cities within the subcontinent where you can plan your Destination pre wedding shoot. You have a wide variety in terms of choices. You can choose the backwaters of Kerala or the Golden Desert of Jaisalmer. You can select to do your shoot in the lap of Himalayas in Leh/Ladakh or you can select the untouched beaches in Andaman islands. At the end of the day, the options are many and to make the things easier we will list locations under 2 categories: The Most Popular Ones and The Unexplored but Good Pre Wedding Locations.

The Most Popular Ones:

These are some of the most popular and most sought after pre-wedding shoot locations in India.


Also called as city of lakes- It is one of the very popular destinations for the people looking out for Pre Wedding Shoot. The city boasts of many erstwhile Royal palaces some of them are now converted into luxury five-star hotels.


This coastal city within the Konkan region is one of the hot favorite locations for people looking for Destination Pre Wedding Photo Video Shoot. Portuguese cultural influence is quite visible in the architecture in the city. It is fun to imagine that you can enjoy the best of both the world in Goa – Partying and Pre Wedding Shoot. Bole toh Ek teer se do nishana….


Surprised to see Leh on the list?. This city is gaining popularity among people gradually and why not? Who doesn’t wants their pre-wedding shoot to be done in the lap of snow covered mountains? Yes everyone does.  If you don’t like the cold weather then stay away. Leh needs 1-2 days for acclimatization unless and until you already are used to living in such conditions.


Kerala famous for its backwaters and Ayurveda also makes for a great Pre Wedding Shoot destinations. It is equally popular on par with various locations listed above as the pre wedding shoot hot spot.


Pink city is another gem from the state of Rajasthan which is almost as famous as Udaipur when it comes to Pre Wedding Shoot. There are so many beautiful places within the city to have your dream pre-wedding shot. All and all Jaipur will not disappoint you.


Pondicherry or now known as Puducherry has a charisma of its own. There is a distinct French influence in the architecture of the city and it adds on a distinct French taste to you pre-wedding images and videos. In the recent past, a lot of people are selecting Pondicherry as their destination pre-wed shoot locations owing to its proximity to major metropolitan cities such as Chennai and Bangalore.


Well, it never gets old. A scenic hill station situated in the hearts of Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. This location is already a famous tourist location, Honeymoon location for newlyweds and also makes for a very good Pre-wedding shoot location.

Andaman Islands:

The Andaman Islands is our own Indian version of Maldives. While it is unfair to compare the 2 locations but we did it just for the fun of it. As of now though Andaman is seeing an increase in the number of tourists each year. It is still a very good location for the pre-wedding shoot having some of the very best beaches in India. There are a lot more other activities you can do there which will make your pre-wedding shoot trip even much more memorable – Like snorkeling, Scuba Diving etc..


The Unexplored but Good Pre Wedding Locations:

These include locations which are quite unexplored but offer a lot of potential for a great pre-wedding shoot experience.


Wikipedia describes Gokarna as a small temple town in the state of Karnataka but it is more than that. Gokarna has beautiful beaches, less crowd compared to other pre-wedding destinations.  The city has a lot of cultural significance also. Overall it is one of the most underrated places that deserves much love. However, of late Gokarna has attracted a lot of western visitors who enjoy the calm and empty beaches. It is not before long that Gokarna becomes one of the most favorite locations. But as a writer of this post and lover of Gokarna, I pray that the city remains as it is forever!


Again if beaches are your thing then Visakhapatnam also called Vizag is the city to go for. Vizag boast of very beautiful and untouched beaches sans the hustle and bustle of other tourist locations.


Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once an ancient city.  Today Hampi contains ruins of Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi’s landscape is breathtaking and inspiring at the same time. Nowadays Hampi has caught global attention and hence has seen a steady rise in the number of tourists. Of late many couples have selected Hampi as their preferred destination for their pre-wed photo video shoot.


If you think Leh has become so mainstream nowadays, Everyone plans a trip to Leh. Well, you have another better option – Spiti Valley. Spiti valley is a cold desert nested in between the Himalayan mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti valley is simply breathtaking and is one of the most beautiful locations for destination pre-wedding photo video shoot. If you don’t like cold places avoid Spiti. It takes 1-2 days to acclimatize yourself before you start with your pre-wedding shoot adventure.


Jodhpur is popularly known as blue city owing to blue colored houses. Jodhpur is a city in the western region of Rajasthan state. Jodhpur is one of the lovely locations in the princely state. Though an already famous city but Jodhpur also makes for an amazing pre-wedding shoot destination giving the authentic Rajasthani feel in your photos.





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