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Event Photoshoot Packages Mumbai

Jestaplo is offering exclusive packages making it easier to hire Event Photographers in Mumbai.

Express Event Photoshoot Package Mumbai

What will you get in Express Event Photoshoot Package? 
  1. A Professional Event photographer with High-end DSLR for up to 3 hrs.
  2. All the photos as soft copies via email or pen drive.
  1. Videographer for up to 3 hours charges (you will get basic edited video)
  2. additional photographer charges for up to 3 hours.
  3. A customized photo album/ photo book charges.
  4. Live webcast of video on youtube or LED screen: custom quote please contact us to know the quote.
  5. for each photographer/videographer additional per hour charges after 3 hours.

This is one of the best Event Photoshoot Packages in Mumbai right now offering you the best quality event photography at very reasonable rates.

Please check our recent Event Photography works:

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1.  Is Express Event Photoshoot package valid for corporate event photography?

Yes. This package is valid for Corporate Events, Media Events, Celebrity Events and Various parties and functions except for birthdays. We have separate packages for birthday photography.

2. How many photos can we expect for an event?

You can expect about more than 50 photos per event. Normally our photographers shoot a lot of images and the number of output images(final photos given to client) varies from 50-500 photos depending on various factors. (whether you had single or multiple photographers covering the event.)

3. Do you give edited photos?

Yes, the photos we give to you have undergone all the necessary basic editing(color corrections, brightness/contrast adjustment, cropping).

4. I have a very big event. Can you provide us with a custom quote?

Absolutely. Email or contact us to get in touch. We will provide you with the best custom quote ASAP.

5. Do you provide Birthday Photography shoot packages?

Yes, We provide Attractive Birthday Photography Shoot Mumbai packages.

Recent Trends saw a rise in demand for event photographers in Mumbai:

             The demand for Event Photographers in Mumbai has been on the rise for past couple of years. We understand the reason for the same.  As belonging to Indian family we are often surrounded by various events and rituals throughout the year. And being a Mumbaikar you will realize that the celebration and festival never ends. Being a truly multicultural society the festival season in Mumbai is on forever.

                      Jestaplo ensures that every moment of your events is captured in the best possible way.  Jestaplo Photography has Professional Events Photographers in Mumbai who are skillful and experienced having shot and covered hundreds of events. India is known for different religions and rituals everyone has different occasions and events to make follow it. Some of the events are rare where all your family relatives and everyone is gathering on the same platform.

Corporate shoot for Deloitte.

Let’s take a look at what kind of events and parties likely people organize. The events are Birthday parties, Wedding Anniversary, Greh Pravesh, Ganesh Pooja, Home Hawan and this kind of many Hindu rituals. Same as like that is in Christian, Sikh, and Muslim. We are always available with our Professional Event Photographers in Mumbai.

Event Photographers in Mumbai: for which events we are  Hired Most?

Our photographer can capture every moment of your house party or function. The team has those professional clickers who will click every happy moment and random clicks. One the best part of hiring a professional photographer is you have genuine clicks. No fake smiles no fake expressions only the true version of yours. Now let’s take a look at what kind of functions and rituals we visit in Mumbai for grabbing some beautiful clicks.

Event Photographers in Mumbai
Event shoot for MTC group of companies.

Events & Parties We are Available for

  • Wedding Anniversary – This one is something more important for any couple,  obviously the date of the wedding. The day when the couple was tied up in unbreakable relation. The couple slightly loves to remark their Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee of their wedding. And capturing them in a sequence can refresh your old memories and everything which happens in the wedding. Our will capture every beautiful moment and it will like recreating.
  • Reunion Party – The one of the best time for the all friends is when they get unite after college courtship period over. It will be the really great occasion for everyone have the long time to see each other. And there is nothing wrong to hire the Best Party Photographer in Mumbai. The pouts and poses are going to retain again.
  • Religion Rituals – The religion rituals where performing and getting captured for framing the moment will give you underrated pleasure. We are always available to click your Durga Pooja, Eid Celebration, Christmas Celebrations and much more like that. You can hire from JestaploPhotography for having the moment in your hands.

Photo Shoot in Mumbai for Product launch and other media events(such as Bollywood movie promotion):

In Mumbai, their many parties happen by companies who launch their products device and much more. You were all set to launch the product and want to have the perfect shot of every bit of seconds. Our JestaploPhotography will give you the professionals Photographers. We are available for launching ceremony, conference meetings, and the success parties too. We provide exclusive Bollywood Event Photographers.  These photographers have already covered many Bollywood Launch Events and they know what to shoot and how to shoot in such events.

Corporate Photography Package:

  • Our photographers have covered many corporate event photography shoots  for various media outlets and big companies. Our Clientele includes companies such as Deloitte, MTC Group etc.
  • Our corporate photography packages have same rates giving for Event photoshoot packages given above.
  • In case of big corporate event shoot, we provide all facilities such as Live LED telecast of event/ Live youtube telecast/ Conference shoot. We have a big team to cover the entire event with photographers/ videographers/drone operator etc.
  • We provide corporate video shoot.  We can make exclusive 2-5 min video for you as per your requirement. We have all the facilities required for post production of video.
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