The story behind the viral “High Tide” Video:

Hello friends, I am Vijay, owner of youtube channel Jestaplo Photography. Today I would like to share the story behind the most popular video on my channel. It’s a video of high tide wave hitting the tetrapod creating a big splash and many people enjoying the same. First of all, Have a look at the video:


I shot this video around the same time last year. I shot this at Worli Sea Face – a very famous sea promenade with both locals and tourists. I lived in Worli during that period, I would often visit Worli Sea Face during High Tides to get some amazing pictures. Note: Pictures primarily. By that time I was working as a freelance photojournalist and I have just rediscovered my love for videos.

As most of you must have heard – it rains heavily in Mumbai during Monsoons. Also during monsoon, you get to witness the rough sea creating very high waves as much as 5 meters during high tide.

So Whenever I got a chance, I would check the high tide timings in Mumbai online:

high tide timings Mumbai

Many Trials

My preferred location to shoot High Tide was Worli Seaface. However, it was not easy to get the shot I wanted. Sometimes waves would be very high during the afternoon but there would be no crowd on the Sea face(mostly during the weekdays). Sometimes at weekends, there would be ample crowd but not very high tide waves.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the process of trying to get some good images. I never worried about the final outcome – If I get a good image fine or else I would just enjoy the moment.

During the same period, I purchased a GoPro Hero5 camera and I fell in love with shooting slow motion videos with my new camera. Here are some of the initial slow motion videos I shot during that initial period.

When you get lucky

So during one of the outing on a Tuesday afternoon, I had already checked online that there was a good chance of very high tide waves on that day. It was raining on and off as I went to the seaface, to my surprise, there were many localities enjoying the high tide and weather. As the high tide waves hit the shore and tetrapods creating a splash of seawater on the shore. I did not shoot many photos that day as waves were high and water was coming right on our face – so there were good chances of my DSLR getting dead with sea water. I had GoPro which is waterproof so I made some slow-motion videos of people and by passer’s enjoying the high tide waves.

These are some of the few videos that I shot that day :

How High Tide Video became Viral

I was quite happy that day as I got some very good slow motion footage. As usual, I posted the video on my Instagram handle(@vijaybihani) and Youtube channel not expecting anything as such. For first few weeks the video got some views nothing much great.

But then my video was shared by another Instagram handle(streets.of.mumbai)

It got around 90k plus views on that handle. And within 24 hours the video was trending all across Mumbai. Thanks to WhatsApp thousands of people got to view the video as people were forwarding the downloaded videos from their family and friends WhatsApp group. I received many messages from my friend that he saw video shot by me on WhatsApp group but alas without any credits.

On contrary, the video was not doing that great on youtube but after few months It started getting more than a hundred views per day and recently more than a thousand views per day recently. As of now, the video has crossed 450k views on youtube. This is how the High Tide Video became viral. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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