We at Jestaplo do a lot of Pre Wedding Photo shoot and I will give my 2 cents here on What are the thing which is important/ should be focussed in a Pre Wedding Shoot.


1.Photographer: You should select a photographer/studio who can shoot as per your expectation. Hiring a noobie will definitely save you some money but you will have to compromise on the quality of photos taken. Photographers who are expert in this field will understand your requirement and will give you amazing photographs of your Pre Wedding shoot.



2.Locations: Locations are important. They set the pace for your photographs giving a sense of place and a definite mood to the photos. Nowadays in India at least – There is a trend of shooting Pre Weddings at hotels and resorts. Some places have been built specially for the Pre Wedding shoot with different backdrops and props. I personally prefer outdoor and Iconic locations in various cities.


3.Timing: There is a reason why your photographer has told you to come at 6 O clock in the morning. Some of the best images you get are during, before or after Sunrise and Sunset. Timings are important if you are late considerably at the end you are the loser. Be punctual. This point is valid for both Photographer and Couples.


4.Pre Wedding Attire: What you wear is quite important for your Pre Wedding shoot. It is also important to coordinate your dresses as per the location. For example: If you are shooting at an old fort then traditional attire is good as it goes with the place history and overall look and feel. You can buy dresses or else you could rent them. You can take the help of Photographer. You can ask him/her what is the good choice of attire for a particular location. Alternatively, if your budget is fine you can take the help of a stylist.


5.For couples: It is a really good idea if you can look up at some of the Pre Wedding poses before your shoot. No need to memorize the poses just have a look at some of the poses – It will be helpful for you at the time of the shoot.


6. Have a good night’s rest before your shoot day – It’s important. You don’t want your photos with a sleepy face. Without proper sleep, your pre-wedding shoot will become a tiring exercise for you – as you will be waiting for it to get over.

Hopefully, I have covered most of the points.

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All the best for your Pre Wedding Shoot!

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