Street photography is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a passionate photographer and happen to visit Mumbai here the streets will definitely make you want to take your camera out. Mumbai is a city which has something for everyone, Perhaps one of the reason it is so loved by many. We have a special connection with Mumbai as our team just loves this city.  Mumbai offers huge diversity in culture and people living in the city – It is like a mini version of India. Each part of the city will give you a different experience. This city perfectly describes the dualities of life – rich and poor, slums and bungalows exist and survives together. Ever taken a walk in the lanes of Mumbai – You will see myriad colors of life.

Our photographers – most of them have undergone training as a photojournalist and all of them love street photography to its core. Apart from Weddings and Pre Wedding shoot in Mumbai, They have also produced some of the very good street photography work from Mumbai.  Most of our photographers love street photography and many of them have learned the art of capturing moments through streets. Have a look at their awesome street photography work from Mumbai – called the Maximum city by the photographer Raghu Rai. This work is definitely good but it is the best street photography in India or not – It is up to you to decide.

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Pic: Suraj Gauda

streets of mumbai

Pic:Suraj Gauda

street photographyPic: Vijay Bihani street photography in mumbai Pic: Vijay Bihanistreet photographer mumbaiPic: Suraj Gauda streets of mumbai Pic: Suraj Gaudamumbai streets

Pic: Vijay Bihani.

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