What are Pre Wedding shoot charges in India(major cities)?

A lot of people have this exact question in mind about Pre Wedding shoot charges. We decided to make a dedicated post for the same question that many people search for on the internet. In fact, this post is valid not only for major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. but all other metropolitan cities.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot package in Mumbai
                                                                                                            Shot at Aksa Beach

Pre Wedding shoots charges are affordable:

Pre-wedding shoot generally starts from around INR 10k to 2 lacs per day. Generally well established and experienced photographer/studio charges are quite expensive compared to newbie photographers. You can still get a very good photographer at a very competitive fee if you spend a bit of time looking at the work of various Pre Wedding photographers and selecting best among them which also suit your budget.  

Pre Wedding Photoshoot package in Mumbai
                                                                                      Pre Wedding shoot at Horniman Circle
Pre Wedding photoshoot packages – Mumbai       |    Pre Wedding photoshoot packages – Delhi NCR

You get what you pay for:

Get this fact clear. Generally, good photographers will be a bit more expensive than the regular photographers but at the end of the day, it is worth it. Don’t get me wrong on this, It may look like I am just defending my very own turf. But the point is very fewer people in the world appreciate the true value of photographer. But a lot goes into the making of a great photographer – a lot of time on learning the skill, A lot of money – spent on equipment & training.  So when you hire your photographer for wedding or pre-wedding do keep these things in mind. Pre wedding shoot charges involve many things and photographer being the most important one.

Pre Wedding Photographers in Mumbai
Pre Wedding Shoot at Worli Village

Per Day/ Per Session:

Your Pre wedding shoot charges also depend on how many days have planned your pre-wedding shoot for.  For example, a single day pre wedding shoot involving 2 different locations in Mumbai will cost you less than a two days pre wedding shoot in Mumbai at 4 different locations. It is an important point to discuss with your photographer as overall charges will depend on them. 

Best Pre wedding photographers in Mumbai
Pre Wedding shoot at Banganga Tank

Pre Wedding Video in Mumbai / Save the Date Video in Mumbai:

If you include a Save the date/Pre Wedding shoot video in your package than it increases the overall charges for your pre-wedding shoot. Pre Wedding video requires an additional cinematographer, a video editor and so the cumulative cost increases overall. 

Extra charges for your Pre Wedding shoot: 

Generally, a good pre wedding shoot is incomplete without beautiful attire for both the couples. You can either buy or rent the pre wedding dresses. Nowadays there are a lot of renting options for wedding and pre-wedding available in Mumbai. Also if you want to hire a fashion stylist that might cost you quite a bit. A fashion stylist can assist you in selecting your Pre Wedding attire as per the location and theme.  Hiring fashion stylist is not that necessary but if you do it is certainly helpful. Lastly, you may plan to hire a makeup artist for your pre-wedding shoot. Generally, makeup artist costing starts from Rs 2000/- per session onwards. 

Pre wedding shoot charges
Pre Wedding shoot in Mumbai local by jestaplo

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Pre Wedding photoshoot packages – Mumbai       |    Pre Wedding photoshoot packages – Delhi NCR



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