Photography in India – Challenges Photographer’s face?

Well, this article was long due, It has to come out One day. There is an already growing voice among photography community that how photography market has changed over years and how the advent of accessible DSLR’s and Good quality mobile phone camera’s has affected us all.

Well to be honest – this article is more so ever relatable generally more or less to India.

These are following problems I have personally faced and I am quite sure more often than not many photographers face the same:

No respect for Photographer

Photography is an art form. It requires one – many years of practice, learning, spending money on good equipment – to become a good photographer.

Sorry to say some people treat photographers as if their work is nothing but clicking shutter and Voila camera gives to the great image. Better don’t hire a photographer – Give a good camera to any person to shoot your event/wedding etc – You will get good photos, Right?

Once I was in talks with a client who wanted to get their Pre Wedding shoot done in Delhi. They liked our work and asked me to meet them at a certain location which was quite far away from our office. Nevertheless, I obliged – met the girl, had to good chat, cleared some of her doubts regarding the pre-wedding shoot. Overall the meeting went very good.

After some days she called up to finalize the shoot. She asked me to shoot at 20% of my asking price telling that what you photographers do as such to charge that amount?

First of all, I quoted very fair and reasonable amount.

I felt a rush of anger thundering through my body. I asked her “Mam, what’s your job?”. She told me she worked as a software engineer. I replied, “Do you get money to just sit in front of laptop?”

This attitude of people is worrisome and We photographers often face this only daily basis. In other countries, photographer’s are given both respects and are paid well as per their work.

The Price Point: Hire the cheapest out of the lot

Many people call us just to enquire – That’s perfectly fine. Many people do like the work a lot – but they finally select the cheapest available photographer. Even this is fine for us since this is not for us to decide who will hire us.

Most people don’t realize that they might save few bucks – but their lifetime memories are ruined or below average photos.

We are already out of budget – please decrease your charges

I am quite surprised when I hear people say that they overspent on Banquet Hall and now they want us to reduce our charges. Sorry, Sir. After 25 years what will remain with you – The food people ate at your wedding or the timeless visual memories that we captured.

Hope that this article is read by people and may it help people understand the problems Pro Photographers face more often.

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